Pool Closings

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Winterizing your pool is an essential part of pool ownership in areas with harsh winter months. It is important to properly close the pool and protect it from the elements. From injecting antifreeze into the plumbing to attaching a cover every step of the closing process ensures a smooth transition into the next season.
  • Drain water level down to appropriate depth to winterize pool and plumbing
  • Remove fittings, railings, and ladders. Store on site for next year
  • Add antifreeze to help prevent freezing, ensuring safety of pool during winter (off season)
  • Winterize any additional equipment for fountains, cleaners, or additional pool feature
  • Attach winter cover (safety cover or water bag)
  • Blow out Plumbing lines and equipment, removing water


2-3 Hours Starting at $510.00 + Chemicals $150 per extra cover


1-2 Hours $410.00 + Chemicals

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